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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sri Lanka Softlogic IPO oversubscribed

June 09, 2011 (LBO) - A share offer by Sri Lanka's Softlogic group to raise four billion rupees was oversubscribed on the opening day Thursday, a stock exchange filing said.

Registrars to the issue P W Corporate Secretarial said the offer will close in the afternoon.Softlogic Holdings is issuing 139 million ordinary shares at 29 rupees each to raise funds mainly to repay debt taken for investments and for increased working capital.
It was one of the biggest initial public offers on the Colombo bourse this year.

Adopted from LBO.

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Nirmal said...

Please Can any one explain about the following things cz still i'm new to this field
1) advantage of investing on IPO??
2) In Softlogic IPO they say that there share price will be 29 so if I have CDS account with money can I buy shares for that price?
3) Other question is can I buy IPO shares from my broker company ??

Madhawa Habarakada said...

1. The easiest way to buy shares are from an IPO. And if said that the share price will increase, IPO has the cheapest value for the shares.

2. After the softlogic shares start to trade in the market, u can buy them if you have money in your CDS account.

3. U should apply for an IPO by submitting the application form. U can get the application from internet or from the broker firm. Then fill it up and give that to the broker firm with the money (By cheque, bank draft)
After the IPO is over u may get a share allocation. (may not be the whole amount u asked for)


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