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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bourse up sharply as SEC eases broker credit rules

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Turnover hits Rs. 3 bn., ASPI up 1.75% and Milanka 1.19%

The Colombo bourse surged yesterday with both indices gaining sharply and turnover topping Rs.3 billion partly on account of the Securities and Exchange Commission easing broker credit restrictions, analysts said.

The All Share Price Index was up 128.92 points (1.75%) and the Milanka up 80.79 points (1.19%) on a turnover of slightly over Rs.3 billion, up from the previous trading day on Monday of Rs.2.03 billion, with 162 gainers sharply outpacing 44 decliners.

"The market rebounded today with both indices and turnover up," Prashan Fernando of Acuity Stockbrokers said. "The SEC’s decision on credit restrictions helped to a certain extent."

Business volumes came largely from JKH which closed a rupee short of the Rs.300 mark, HNB where continuing foreign interest was noted, and Nation Lanka and Central Finance where heavy retail play was evident.

Volume-wise, Asiri Hospitals saw nearly 20.2 million shares done between Rs.8 and Rs.8.70 gaining 50 cents to close at Rs.8.60 with two crossings of nearly 16.3 million shares at a price of Rs.8.50 being among the trades.

JKH closed Rs.2.90 up at Rs.299 on over 0.8 million shares traded between Rs.296.80 and Rs.299 generating the day’s top turnover of Rs.242.2 million while HNB with two crossings at Rs.230 closed flat at Rs.229.90 on slightly over a million shares done between Rs.229.90 and Rs.230.

Nation Lanka (previously CSF) closed 20 cents down at Rs.23.30 with 10.1 million shares traded between Rs.21.70 and Rs.24.50.

Central Finance was up Rs.26.70 to close at Rs.1,600.20 on over 0.1 million shares done between Rs.1,575 and Rs.1,610.

Guardian Capital Partners (previously Watapota) was the day’s biggest gainer moving up Rs.73.40 to close at Rs.275 on nearly 0.4 million shares done between Rs.196 and Rs.285.

Commercial Bank closed Rs.1.80 up to Rs.264 on over 0.5 million shares while Blue Diamonds with heavy retail play saw nearly 22 million shares done between Rs.4.20 and Rs.4.90 gaining 90 cents to close at Rs.4.70.


SEC grants more time to clear debtors on improved market conditions

The capital market watchdog said it would give stock brokers more time to clear credit extended by them to investors as market conditions have improved, in a move widely anticipated by market analysts earlier this week.

The Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka Malik Cadre made this announcement in a circular to the Colombo Stock Exchange yesterday (19), which we reproduce in full as follows:

"Further to the Directive of the SEC dated 29th November 2010 (SEC/LEG/10/11/77) the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka at its 278th Meeting held on 13th May 2011 has decided to grant further relief in respect of the time granted to Stock Brokers to clear their remaining 50% of the debtor balance as follows:

1. 25% of the above remaining debtors over T+3 days to be cleared by 30th September 2011; and

2. The balance 25% to be cleared by 31st December 2011.

As such the Directive of the SEC dated 29th November 2010 (SEC/LEG/10/11/77) stands amended accordingly.

The Commission decision to grant the relief as mentioned above was based on the improved market conditions, especially having taken cognizance of the fact that majority of the Stock Broking Companies have been able to reduce the risk exposure of debtors over T+3 days by 50% as at 31st March 2011 and representations made by market participants.

The Colombo Stock Exchange is also directed to disseminate this Directive of the SEC to all members of the Colombo Stock Exchange."
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Investors need to have better focus

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The capital market investors need to have a better focus on their investment options to gain real returns.

Ravi Abeysuriya
It is important to consider the fundamental macro and micro settings in selecting stocks to invest. The industry structure, the competitive advantage and the financial ability of the business which measured across operating and balance sheet metrics, to capitalize on these trends is the critical combination for a successful company, Heraymila Securities Limited (HSL) Chief Executive Officer Ravi Abeysuriya told Daily News Business.
A good company is not necessarily a good investment. The market price relative to valuation is a key indicator of potential loss or gain. It is important to assess valuation against key ratios such as PE, EV/EBITDA, P/NTA, and free cash flow yield when selecting stocks.
"We have initiated a unique recommendation framework that brings together our bottom-up and top-down views. We rate each company against 18 specific variables split in to four categories. This will give the investor a general idea on the selection criteria," he said.
The four categories that are included in the ratings are fundamental, valuation, return momentum and subjective assessment of soft fundamentals, he said.
"The momentum investing can be rewarding, but the empirical evidence is mixed. We believe returns momentum subject to fundamental drivers can provide useful indication for market demand and earnings outlook," he said.
"More generally we recommend companies that have valuation support, operating in growing industries, have growth opportunities, execution capability is high and corporate governance is sound. We are favourably disposed to companies exposed to revitalization of the post-war North and the East construction and rising household spending. Most other companies suffer from lack of valuation support, poor industry structure or execution risk," Abeysuriya said. 

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

කොළඹ කොටස් වෙළඳපළ පිළිබඳ හඳුන්වාදීමේ දේශනය - මහනුවර ශාඛාව

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කොළඹ කොටස් වෙළඳපළ පිළිබඳ හඳුන්වාදීමේ දේශනය
ස්ථානය: කොටස් වෙළදපළ මහනුවර ශාඛාව
දිනය: 2011 මැයි 25, 26 හා 27 දින වල
වේලාව: සවස 3.00 සිට 4.30 දක්වා 
වැඩි විස්තර සහ ලියාපදිංචිය සඳහා: 081-4474400, 
කොටස් වෙළඳපළ මහනුවර ශාඛාව, අංක:88, දළදා වීදිය, මහනුවර

මේ වගේ වැඩමුළු ගැන දැනගන් අපේ feed එකට එකතු වන්න.

සියළු ලිපි සඳහා ඊ මේල් ලිපිනයෙන් අප හා එක්වන්න:  
අනෙකුත් RSS පෝෂක ලබා ගැනීමට මෙතනින් යන්න.
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

April: unexciting time for the stock exchange

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Sentiment at the Colombo Stock Exchange was unexciting in April, Barleet Mallory Stockbrokers (BMS) said in a recent report.

"The overall sentiment was unexciting within the month of April, with the seasonal effect taking its toll on the market. Lack of liquidity slowed down market activity, and resulted in volatile All Share Price Index (ASPI) movement. Investor interest seen in relatively illiquid stocks during the later part of the month aided in upward trends in the broader ASPI. A more retail driven market was evident during the month," BMS said.

"The ASPI gained 130.85 points (1.85 percent) during the month and closed at 7,356.97. The Milanka Price Index (of more liquid stocks), however, lost 51.97 points (0.71 percent) to close at 6,822.77. Total turnover for April was Rs. 31 billion compared to Rs. 53 billion recorded in the previous month," it said.

BMS said foreign investors selling overran buying to record a net foreign outflow of Rs. 1.2 billion.

"The month also saw the releasing of March quarter financial statements, with companies belonging to the manufacturing and banking sectors releasing strong quarter-end results," BMS said.

Sector wise, the Motors counter gained 37.19 percent during the month, stores and supplies were up 20.65 percent, services 13.72 percent and chemicals and pharmaceuticals 12.3 percent.

The banking, finance and insurance counter fell 0.75 percent, power and energy was down 1.74 percent while telecommunications 1.35 percent.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

කොටස් වෙළඳපළ ආයෝජනය හා ප්‍රථිලාභ - කොටස් වෙළදපළ කුරුණෑගල ශාඛාව

9:13 AM 0

කොටස් වෙළඳපළ ආයෝජනය හා ප්‍රථිලාභ - ආයෝජකයින් දැනුවත් කීරීමේ වැඩසටහන
ස්ථානය: කොටස් වෙළදපළ කුරුණෑගල ශාඛාව
දිනය: 2011මැයි 12වන බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා
වේලාව: සවස 3.00
වැඩි විස්තර සහ ලියාපදිංචිය සඳහා: 037-4691804/2

මේ වගේ වැඩමුළු ගැන දැනගන් අපේ feed එකට එකතු වන්න.

සියළු ලිපි සඳහා ඊ මේල් ලිපිනයෙන් අප හා එක්වන්න:  
අනෙකුත් RSS පෝෂක ලබා ගැනීමට මෙතනින් යන්න.
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