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Sunday, May 17, 2009


You can advertise on this site for a very low cost but to a very good targeted audience.
We have more than 15000 page views per month (exceeds 20,000 in some months), and about 4000 - 6000 unique visitors per month. 
Here are some traffic details collected via the statistics scripts installed. (last updated: 2011.08.05)

we have around 40% new visitors each month.

Ad fees are as follows
  • Ads at the top left (size 125*125) : 1600/= per 6 months. (If payed to a whole yr, fees will be only 3000/=)
  • Ads in the right side bar below the widgets (size 300*80) :  1200/= per 6 months. (If payed to a whole yr, fees will be only 2000/=)
  • Ads inside the posts (below the post, size 468*60) : 300/= per one month.
Links sharing
  • Ads in the left side bar (size 160*50) : Especially dedicated for link sharing, if you will also place an ad of "Guide To CSE" on your site(s) (should have to have a considerable traffic on your site)
  • Text links at the left side bar : You can place a link on to "Guide To CSE" and we will place a link to your site too. 
Custom ad placements could also be discussed. (above post area, below post area, in the footer, etc.)

Payments can be done via HNB or Sampath Bank money transfer..

Payments done to site for advertising purposes on site are not refundable and the advertiser can ask to change or remove the ad at any time. 

As this site has a large and a fast growing audience, you will not regret your investment.

Contact, info(at)guidetocse(dot)com for further details.

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